NEWS5 September 2018

New integrated insight platform from FlexMR

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UK – Market research company FlexMR has launched an integrated insight platform, InsightHub.

FlexMR InsightHub Platform_crop

Clients can use the platform for four base configurations – project, community, panel or community panel – each of which can be built on with 10 of the company’s research tools. Users will also receive 12 hours of support from FlexMR for each of the configurations.

The company has said the tool will improve the performance of its existing research services.

Some of the hub’s key features, such as its admin dashboard, have already been rolled out to FlexMR’s clients.

Neil Bartley, chief technology officer at FlexMR, said: “By integrating a broad range of research tools into a single space, InsightHub streamlines research processes and leaves insight professionals free to focus on delivering results rather than overcoming practical challenges.”

The new model follows on from FlexMR’s recent restructuring of its helpdesk team.