NEWS4 June 2015

Facebook opens Parisian AI centre

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FRANCE — Facebook has announced the opening of another Facebook AI Research (FAIR) facility, in Paris.

The new team will work closely with existing FAIR teams in Menlo Park and New York on long-term research projects in image recognition, natural language processing and speech recognition.

According to the announcement on the company’s website, Paris was chosen for the expansion “because France is home to some of the best researchers in the world.

“We think the FAIR Paris team will bring valuable expertise and new perspectives to our work, and we plan to work openly with and invest in the AI research community in France, the EU, and beyond as we strive to make meaningful progress in these fields.”

According to tech news site Tech Crunch, FAIR head Yann LeCun is a French researcher for New York University. He has announced that he accepted the position of director of the new lab.

The lab has a collaborative agreement with INRIA, a research institute in Paris.