NEWS14 April 2010

Ex-Synovate researcher weaves together new consultancy offer

Asia Pacific

SINGAPORE— Former Synovate and Cadbury Schweppes researcher Neil Gains has launched a new market research consultancy, Tapestry Works, to service clients across Asia.

Neil Gains

Neil Gains

Gains has spent the past 10 years working agencyside for Synovate, based in Indonesia and China with responsibility for innovation research and handling key client accounts across the Asia Pacific region.

Before that he was with Cadbury Schweppes for 11 years, focusing on sensory and product development research in the UK and Europe.

He said his new firm will work with corporations to help “squeeze” greater value and meaning from their research programmes and existing knowledge, offering a range of design and analysis, coaching and insight activation workshop services.

Gains said: “Clients increasingly need to use research to inspire their business, whereas the research industry too often focuses on the process of data collection. Tapestry Works will focus exclusively on how value can be added through learning, discovery and activation.”