NEWS1 February 2016

European marketing budgets rise

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UK – Overall marketing activity dipped slightly in January according to the World Economics Global Marketing Index (GMI) but Europe stood out as having the most buoyant marketing budgets with a GMI of 58.0 (compared with 53.2 for Asia Pacific and 52.9 for the Americas).

The headline GMI for January was 54.8, down slightly on December’s, but still growing against the benchmark of 50.0 (which indicates no change).

More marketing staff are being taken on globally. Regionally the Staffing Levels Index was highest in Europe ( 57.8 ). In the Americas it was 53.9 and 54.0 in Asia Pacific.

The allocation of marketing budgets continues to fall in TV globally ( 49.3 ) for the fourteenth consecutive month although in Europe resources devoted to TV increased with an index of 56.2.

Globally OOH ( 46.9 ), radio ( 43.0 ) and press ( 34.2 ) all saw falling media budget share.