NEWS29 February 2016

European marketing budgets see strong growth

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EUROPE — Marketing activity increased across all three regions covered in the latest Global Marketing Index (GMI), but growth was strongest in Europe. 

Europe growth crop

The headline GMI for February remained unchanged since January at 54.8, but Europe’s headline GMI rose by 0.7 points to 58.7. A benchmark of 50 indicates no change. The region’s marketing budgets index also grew to 57.7 – this is suggestive of strong growth and goes against the global downward trend.

Marketing activity in the Asia Pacific region remained stable, increasing by 0.2 points to a headline GMI of 53.4. The marketing budget index in the same region fell below the no-change benchmark to 49.6.

Meanwhile in the Americas, the headline GMI fell by 0.5 to 52.4 and the region’s marketing budgets also continued to decline, falling to 48.7. 

All regions saw strong growth for digital and mobile advertising, while traditional media remained in negative territory. Europe was the only region where resources dedicated to TV increased, growing by 0.5 points to 56.7. 

"The headline Global Marketing Index reading for February indicates that marketing budgets are growing strongly in Europe, but are declining in the Asia-Pacific region and in the Americas," said Ed Jones, chief executive at World Economics, which produces the index.