NEWS3 October 2019

Eurodata TV Worldwide rebrands as Glance

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FRANCE – Médiamétrie’s international division Eurodata TV Worldwide has been renamed Glance – standing for Global Audience & Content Evolution.

Eurodata TV Worldwide was set up 25 years ago as a single point for TV audience ratings of 10 European countries. It now consists of audience data on more than 7,000 channels in 120 countries, working with audience measurement partners across the five continents.

NoTa is its monitoring service for international TV and internet programme trends which identifies developments in more than 50 territories. It also has the Médiamétrie subsidiary, Tape, in the UK to analyse content.

In total, Eurodata TV now has 65 employees at Médiamétrie.

Frédéric Vaulpré, vice-president of Eurodata TV, said: "Set against the increasingly complex and internationalised backdrop, the name Glance, or Global Audience & Content Evolution, reflects our purpose and mission: to rise to the challenges of a market that has entered a new dynamic.

"Although the data itself is still just as vital, our activity now, more than ever, revolves around analysing data, putting it into perspective and understanding the factors behind any changes in it."