NEWS5 October 2010

Ethnography research app to get barcode scanner upgrade

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BELGIUM— EverydayLives is upgrading its ethnographic research app for iPhone and BlackBerry with a barcode scanner to trigger research projects automatically.

The idea is for manufacturers to place 2D barcodes on products so that when consumers scan them they are prompted to take part in a study.

As a test of the concept, EverydayLives partner Siamack Salari attached a barcode to a jar of Nutella spread, which led on to a screen in the app where brand owners can ask questions of consumers or ask them to complete tasks.

Using the app’s other features, including the ability to record audio and video clips, take photos and make notes, Salari suggests that, in the case of Nutella for example, the company might ask customers to show how they eat the product, to explain why they buy a particular size of jar and how they recycle their empty containers.

Writing in a blog post, he says: “Yes, you may need to incentivise consumers with cash or vouchers or a competition. But the point is that you begin to create your own community of engaged users who want to talk about the way your brand fits into their lives.”

The app is currently available for professional users priced at £6.99 on both platforms, but a free version designed for use by consumers and respondents is expected to launch soon.


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10 years ago

what an awful idea, why not just enjoy the nutella. T

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