NEWS18 July 2011

Salari updates mobile ethnography app

Europe Technology

UK— Ethnographer Siamack Salari has launched an updated mobile app that allows brand owners to watch how their products and services are used by consumers via video, pictures, texts and audio captured through their smartphones.

Salari (pictured) launched a beta version of the app in 2009 under the name EverydayLives – the name of his company – but the full EthOS app has now been released.

Apple, Android and BlackBerry versions are available, and in 15 languages “so far”, Salari said. The app is already being trialled by a number of “leading brands”, who are able to invite users to submit videos that show how products, brands and services fit into their lives.

Salari said: “Until now, ethnography, when conducted rigorously, has been a rather expensive and inaccessible tool, however, with the possibilities brought about by rapidly changing technologies we can provide brands with unprecedented richness and depth to consumer insight.

To celebrate the launch, Ethos is offering a free 30-day trial of the app though its website.