NEWS24 July 2015

Emogi launches brand sentiment data platform

North America Technology

US — Data company emogi has announced the launch of its sentiment driven platform.


The platform is designed to increase engagement and obtain sentiment data from consumers online. As part of the launch of the platform, Emogi has partnered with Kargo, a mobile marketplace for mobile brand advertising, to introduce an “emoji-enriched advertising offering in mobile”.

Emogi uses emojis “to help brands better connect with consumers and instantly understand the impact of their digital advertising spends”.

As Emogi’s first mobile partner, Kargo will use Emogi’s technology to offer “emoji-enhanced” ad experiences.

“The emergence of emoji-based expression in the business world is empowering companies to transcend language and communicate across several different platforms and across borders,” said Travis Montaque, Emogi founder and CEO. “We are excited about the use of emotional intelligence in mobile display advertising and the potential it will unleash for the advertising industry. This is just the beginning.”