NEWS4 August 2017

Eight in ten UK adults are binge-watchers

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UK – Nearly eight in ten ( 79%) of UK adults use catch-up technology and streaming services to watch multiple episodes in one setting, according to Ofcom’s latest annual report. 

Media regulator Ofcom’s Communications Market Report 2017 revealed that 35% of British adults binge watch every week, and 55% do it on a monthly basis. Around a third ( 32%) of people say they have missed out on sleep or made themselves tired the next day because they had spent time binge-watching. 

There are some differences across age groups: 53% of those aged 12-15 enjoy ‘watch-a-thons', compared with 16% of over 65s. 

More than a third ( 35%) of binge viewers, and almost half ( 47%) of those aged 16-24 are trying to cut down on their viewing in some way. This includes rationing their viewing ( 19%), finding an alternative hobby ( 10%) or cancelling a TV subscription ( 4%). 

The report also contained information on where adults watch programmes and films on any device or service and feelings around watching TV together. 

“Technology has revolutionised the way we watch TV," said Lindsey Fussell, consumer group director at Ofcom.

"The days of waiting a week for the next episode are largely gone, with people finding it hard to resist watching multiple episodes around the house or on the move.

“But live television still has a special draw, and the power to bring the whole family together in a common experience.”