NEWS11 June 2013

Effective Measure joins Founder Institute to promote South East Asian start-ups

Asia Pacific Data analytics

SINGAPORE — Global start-up accelerator The Founder Institute has teamed up with Effective Measure to support the growth of the South East Asian entrepreneurial technology sector.

The Founder Institute was created by entrepreneurs to globalise the innovation of Silicon Valley by fostering local startup ecosystems in promising markets internationally and Effective Measure is providing Institute founders in Malaysia and Singapore free access to its brand and audience digital measurement and analytics platform in order to support the digital measurement needs of emerging start-ups.

Founder Institute start-ups will be able to utilise Effective Measure’s dashboard which aggregates the online data of their digital assets, allowing for a deeper understanding of their audience and consumer behaviour across site, section and cross platform content. The solution also provides assessment of the qualitative and quantitative effectiveness of advertising campaigns and includes mobile and tablet segmentation.

Founder Institute Malaysia director Heislyc Loh said: “Equipping our founders with the best resources to get the most out of their own digital assets gives them a competitive edge right from the inception of their journey. As they evolve, Effective Measure’s insights will prove invaluable to tailoring their offering into the next phase of growth.”

The offer is open to all selected members of the Founder Institute mentoring program for 12 months.