NEWS30 April 2015

DJS Research launches online family community

News UK

UK — Cheshire-based market research agency DJS Research has launched an online parents, kids and teens community, Chatter Zone, for its clients.

The community consists of 100 kids and teens, aged between 8 and 18, and a further 50 mums and dads, with children within the same age range.

Clients who include the community in their market research strategy can choose from a variety of different tasks for participants to complete, such as: forum discussions, consumer feedback, creative tasks, mini-polls, surveys and personal tasks.

The tasks will be completed over a four week period.

Gill Redfern, research director, DJS Research and quality director of Chatter Zone, said : “The Chatter Zone team brings together experts in qual, online communities and kids/teen research and collectively we have created a community which will allow our clients to access insights from families ‘on-demand’. Many of our clients’ customers, or at least end users, are under 18 years, and often their research plans and budgets do not extend to speaking to this younger audience on a regular basis.”

In addition to Redfern, Lian Nuttall, Chatter Zone project manager, will focus on the management and day to day running of the community.