NEWS15 February 2017

Digital measures dominate ‘soft’ metrics

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UK – The use of awareness as an effectiveness measure has declined in the last four years of the IPA Effectiveness Awards, while the use of digital measures has increased. 

Media measurement abstract

According to a Warc review of the winning campaigns in the 2016 IPA Effectiveness Awards, the use of profit as a measure has increased by 400% since the previous awards in 2014, and market penetration has grown by 70%. 

Among the ‘soft’ metrics, there has been a decline in the use of awareness as a measure since the awards in 2012, and an increase in the use of social media metrics, digital measures such as web traffic and search performance, and PR value. 

PR value has grown by 1,500% since 2012: the use of shareable online video boosted by PR coverage has reportedly become an increasing focus for winners, with a view to driving fame rather than mere awareness. 

The report also highlights the success of television-led campaigns using emotional creative and the rise of purpose-driven marketing.