NEWS26 October 2015

Digital ad fraud guidance updated

Features Technology UK

UK — Independent ad trading watchdog, the Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS), has published fresh guidance on sources of non-human traffic that can affect digital ad traffic.

JICWEBS has identified 16 different malicious and non-malicious sources in its report, UK Traffic Taxonomy for Digital Display Advertising. These include hijacked devices, AdWare traffic, proxy traffic, hidden ads and misappropriated content. This is an update to guidance published in June of this year.

Joint body JICWEBS includes organisations such as the Internet Advertising Bureau UK and the Association of Online Publishers. It presents it as a detailed, but not exhaustive list of fraudulent practices, and the aim is that the list will be updated on an ongoing basis.

“JICWEBS has one clear aim – to promote trusted digital ad trading. A key element of this is improved transparency (and risk reduction) in the area of digital ad fraud. This taxonomy document is a key step in support of that,” the guidance reads.