NEWS28 May 2013

Deloitte looks to crowd-sourcing with Kaggle alliance

Asia Pacific Data analytics

AUSTRALIA — Management consultants Deloitte Australia is to tap into Kaggle’s crowd-sourcing of data scientists with an alliance with the platform.

Kaggle hosts competitions with a network of nearly 100,000-strong data scientists who provide real-world data science solutions and the alliance will link them up with the 6,000 plus analytics professionals across Deloitte Analytics’ global network.

Deloitte said it hoped the alliance would allow it to help clients apply data to yield even more effectively and timely business insights either through their in-house capabilities or on Kaggle by participating in a competition or hiring a data scientist using the platform Kaggle Connect.

Anthony Veil, national managing partner, Deloitte Analytics in Australia said: “The Kaggle model and Kaggle’s success has really challenged the status quo in the increasingly sophisticated field of advanced statistical analysis, forecasting and predictive modelling.”