NEWS4 June 2015

Datasift and Pulsar form Facebook data partnership

News UK

UK — Analytics company Datasift and UK-based social analytics platform Pulsar have formed a partnership to make Facebook topic data available to Pulsar’s clients.


Topic data is an analytics product launched in March by Facebook and Datasift, which provides insight into what audiences are saying on Facebook about brands, events and topical subjects. It is currently exclusively provided by Datasift.

The new partnership with Pulsar will allow its clients to access Facebook topic data and conduct research through social media.

“Anonymous and aggregated Facebook topic data is a whole new model for extracting value from social data, designed to protect users’ privacy while at the same time fostering a more solid and replicable way of doing social media research,” said Francesco D’Orazio, VP Product at Pulsar.

“We believe this will be transformative not only for the marketing industry but also government and the third sector too, as these organisations seek to innovate and integrate big data into their social research and planning.”

Further information can be found here.