NEWS21 June 2024

Databricks tools give whole business access to insights

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US – Databricks has launched two new tools designed to democratise access to analytics and insights for everyone within a business.


The first tool is AI/BI Dashboards, an AI-powered business intelligence dashboard system that allows users to answering a fixed set of business questions. 

The second, AI/BI Genie, is a conversational interface that can learn the underlying data and semantics continuously based on human feedback, and can answer a much broader set of business questions.

Both are powered by a compound AI system that continuously learns from usage across an organisation. 

“A truly intelligent BI solution needs to understand the unique semantics and nuances of a business to effectively answer questions for business users,” said Ali Ghodsi, co-founder and CEO at Databricks. 

“We believe this requires a different approach than how BI (business intelligence) software has been designed in the past — one that places an AI system at the centre of the architecture and is designed to take advantage of the AI systems’ strengths as well as complementing their weaknesses to tackle the challenges of understanding and learning these nuances.”

Databricks client SEGA, the gaming business, says it is using Databricks AI/BI to help decision-makers ask ad-hoc questions in real time about consumer behavior without having to depend on our data experts to construct dashboards and queries.

“Now our team members can get detailed insights on game sales and gameplay data by simply asking in natural language,” said Felix Baker, Head of Data Services, SEGA Europe. 

“AI/BI will enable us to democratise data, increase productivity, and enhance the speed of data-driven decision making throughout SEGA, which enables us to focus on what really matters: building the best possible gaming experiences for our players.”