NEWS7 December 2015

Data visualisation skills most in demand, according to latest Grit report

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US — The latest Greenbook Research Industry Trends (Grit) report for Q3-Q4 shows that designers, visualisation experts and data scientists have the most in-demand skills in the industry.


The report explored the views of researchers on, among other topics, the industry’s use of and satisfaction with panels, the evolution of survey best practices in the mobile age, new technology adoption, training resources used by researchers and the nature of partnership.

Results revealed that when asked what type of skills people would be hiring into their businesses, designers and data visualisation experts were most in-demand, with 63% recruiting expertise in that category, followed by data scientists ( 58%), marketing or business strategists and social media experts (both 53%).

Adoption of technology was varied between clients and providers: where suppliers report using more mobile surveys and online communities than buyers, buyers are using more social media analytics and big data analytics.

Results also revealed that only 40% of researchers that use panel providers were very or completely satisfied with them.

The analysis was based on just under 1,500 interviews with research buyers ( 22%) and suppliers ( 78%). The full report can be accessed here.