NEWS14 January 2014

Cross channel performance ‘not measured effectively’


US — A study on big data and marketing attribution has highlighted a lack of effective measurement of cross-channel marketing activity.

According to the study, based on findings from a survey of CMOs and heads of marketing in various industries, 85% of marketers are either not measuring this performance at all, or are using antiquated methods. According to the study, this interferes with their ability to deploy omni-channel marketing strategies.

The study was carried out by The CMO Club – a membership organisation for senior marketing executives – and Visual IQ – a cross channel marketing attribution software provider.

According to the press release: “The findings of this study support the fact that implementing an omni-channel strategy is challenging, and found there are two distinct elements missing from many programs. The first is an inability to harness Big Data, which is key to any omni-channel marketing strategy and that respondents shared as the highest priority over the next 12 months.

“The second element is the implementation of advanced cross channel attribution, which only 5 percent of respondents are currently utilizing.”

The full report can be downloaded here.


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8 years ago

Ye-es... From the PR, one has to wonder about the true insight here. "Advertisers not tracking marketing activity effectively across channels" - well who knew?! "they're not harnessing big data" would be a heck of a lot more useful and insightful if there was any description of what, precisely, they think they mean by "big data", and why it would be a panacea to these problems

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