NEWS20 September 2019

CRIC issues poll standards

News North America

CANADA – The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) has released public opinion research standards to improve the quality of polling and promote transparency.

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Ahead of the federal elections on 21st October, CRIC’s public opinion research standards and disclosure requirements will help members of the public and the media assess the quality and validity of survey results that are publicly released.

Barry Watson, chair of CRIC, said: “In today’s era of misinformation, fake news, click bait and foreign interference, fact checking outlier or bad polls is more important than ever. No poll is better than a bad poll, as bad or misleading polls misinform voters and hinder democracy.”

The new standards outline the responsibilities of CRIC member companies when conducting public opinion research and the details that must be included when releasing research into the public domain. Member companies must comply with the standards and make available sufficient details to help the media and members of the public verify the quality of their research.

John Tabone, chief administrative officer of CRIC, added: “A reputable surveying company operates in an open and transparent manner and will provide the information needed to evaluate its survey. If it doesn't uphold the highest standards, then it’s harmful to give its polls any public attention.”