NEWS22 June 2020

CRIC issues guidelines for face-to-face research in Canada

Covid-19 News North America

CANADA – The Canadian Research and Insights Council (CRIC) has issued post-Covid-19 guidance for the market research industry, including recommendations for resuming face-to-face research.

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CRIC has advised that before considering conducting face-to-face research, practitioners must first determine whether it is permitted by the province or territory.

Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial governments are gradually re-opening the economy, but approaches vary by location.

The guidance also advised minimising group size to allow for social distancing, staggering start times and using protective shields in reception areas. Research staff who are from a vulnerable group, or living in the same household as an individual who is, should not participate in face-to-face research, CRIC has recommended.

The organisation said: “Ensuring that no harm comes to research participants and research staff is a fundamental principle of our standards and, as part of our duty of care, we must ensure that we take all reasonable steps to ensure safe conditions when conducting face-to-face research post-Covid-19.”

For research businesses in general, CRIC recommended that companies continue to encourage staff to work from home while the risk is considered high and continue to conduct virtual meetings with suppliers and clients.

Businesses are recommended to screen employees daily and not allow staff to enter the workplace if they have experienced any Covid-19 symptoms, been in contact with someone who has Covid-19 or is suspected of having it, or travelled outside of Canada or been in contact with someone who has, in the past 14 days.