NEWS9 October 2017

Consumers more likely to recall ads on multiple devices

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UK – People are twice as likely to recall ads when exposed to that brand creative on multiple devices as when viewed on single devices.

Ad awareness metrics showed improvements up to 9% higher for multiple device exposure than those who saw them on just one device according to On Device Research’s Path-to-Purchase tracker research.

On average, consumers exposed to ads on multiple devices record an improvement in brand awareness of +21% vs a single device exposure average of +12%. Similarly, a multiplier effect is noted for both top-of-mind brand awareness (+11% vs +7%) and online ad recall (+8% vs +4%).

The tracker is a bi-annual, multi-country study, researching 500 smartphone users per market.

The research has also found that ad fatigue is significant in the increase in on-demand TV in the UK.

More than two in five respondents said that seeing fewer ads than they do watching linear TV motivates paid on-demand TV viewing.