NEWS8 February 2017

Confirmit releases new survey designer tool

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UK – Confirmit has launched a new survey designer tool, intended to speed up and simplify the survey creation process.  

Terry lawlor crop

Confirmit Survey Designer, which has been designed in collaboration with stakeholders, is intended to make it quicker and easier for users to create engaging surveys.

The tool is a new addition to Confirmit’s suite of voice of the customer, voice of the employee and market research solutions. 

“Organisations know that it is imperative to create surveys that are fun, engaging, and reduce respondent fatigue," said Terry Lawlor, executive vice president of product management at Confirmit (pictured).

"However, this means that designers can spend a significant part of their working day on the authoring and programming process.

Confirmit Survey Designer provides them with all the sophisticated functionality they need to create highly engaging questionnaires, using a class-leading user interface that outperforms anything else on the market.”