NEWS9 September 2015

Confirmit launches location and beacon triggering solution

Technology UK

UK — Confirmit has launched a location and beacon triggering research solution to enhance its in-the-moment insight offer.

Users of Confirmit Horizons will now be able to capture location events through geo-fencing or beacon technology in order to identify when the mobile device is near, has entered, or has exited a specific location such as a store or branch. Customised messages and surveys can then be selectively sent to customers or panellists via a branded app.

“The popularity of mobile shopping apps and the willingness of shoppers to share their location (provided they get value in return) is expected to result in 72% of retailers implementing beacon technology within the next 5 years (Beaconstac),” said Terry Lawlor, EVP of product management at Confirmit.

“This means it is imperative that this technology becomes an integral part of our customer experience and MR solutions.”