NEWS16 July 2010

ComScore upgrades video measurement tool to match TV research

North America Technology

US— ComScore has upgraded its online video measurement service in an effort to “better align” its research with the way TV audiences are counted.

The Video Metrics 2.0 tool, ComScore said, is able to filter video viewing between adverts and content and provides TV show-level reporting for major broadcast sites such as, and

ComScore has also added new reporting metrics including average daily unique viewers, viewing sessions, and percentage of ads by videos viewed. The tool will rank online ad networks and the actual reach of their adverts, rather than use the traditional metric of potential reach.

Tania Yuki (pictured), ComScore’s senior director of video and cross-media products, said: “Online video has evolved in recent years from a medium delivering primarily user-generated content to a channel that now delivers a great deal of professionally produced long-form content that is identical to what a viewer would find on TV. Consequently, more attention is rightfully being given to the monetisation of the online video medium, particularly as it relates to the existing TV landscape.”

The firm said it plans to introduce a gross rating point (GRP) metric in the coming months that will enable further cross-media comparability with TV.