NEWS11 December 2009

ComScore launches digital ad effectiveness tools

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US— ComScore has launched a new set of measurement tools designed to give clients a way to gauge the effectiveness of their online campaigns, in a way tailored to their objectives.

The firm says its new AddEffx services will deliver data in a manner consistent with traditional media, measuring reach, frequency, gross rating points (GRPs) and demographics of those exposed to ads. It will also measure changes in brand metrics, consumer behaviour and sales, based on data from viewers who were exposed or not exposed to the ad.

ComScore has been a champion of ‘hybrid’ measurement, combining user-side data from a panel with server data giving a full picture of visitors to sites.

Anne Hunter, VP of ad effectiveness at ComScore, said AddEffx will offer a “complete toolkit” for clients. Yaakov Kimelfeld, director of analytics at MediaVest Worldwide, said the new set of tools “allows us to optimise miedia delivery on the fly and to demonstrate the value of online advertising in reaching speficif consumer segments – in comparison to offline media buys.”