NEWS6 April 2011

ComScore brings AdEffx Campaign Essentials tool to Europe

News Technology UK

UK— Online audience researcher ComScore has launched its AdEffx Campaign Essentials tool for clients in Europe.

The tool, available in the US since 2009 and already used on a custom basis by some European clients, is now being made more widely available through a web-based dashboard, having been tested with a group of customers over the past few months.

It aims to identify the number of people exposed to an online ad and give information about audience composition. It is designed to allow clients to compare offline and online media plans by using the same measures that are used for TV – reach, frequency and gross rating points (GRPs).

ComScore said the other components of the AdEffx suite, which includes tools to measure the impact of ads on attitudinal measures, online behaviour and sales, will also be made available in Europe soon.