NEWS24 December 2020

Comscore and MediaMath partner on ad targeting

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US – Media evaluation and planning platform Comscore has integrated its connected television (CTV) and video contextual targeting into a platform run by advertising technology company MediaMath.

Streaming devices

The agreement will allow users of MediaMath’s ‘Source’ demand-side ad buying platform to use frame-by-frame visual recognition and second-by-second audio processing to contextualise CTV, video and livestreaming content.

This allows advertisers to target popular shows while avoiding particular segments, such as a car manufacturer advertising within a news programme but avoiding sections discussing car accidents.

The new cookieless features are part of Comscore’s ‘Activation’ range of products, which helps advertisers reach specific demographics across desktop, mobile and CTV.

Rachel Gantz, general manager, activation services, at Comscore, said: “Advertiser demand for connected TV and premium video has significantly increased in line with evolving consumer consumption habits.

“As these channels become more important, marketers need privacy-focused, brand-safe data solutions that help them find the right video to run within to connect with consumers.”

Anudit Vikram, chief product officer at MediaMath, said the partnership with Comscore would provide an “unmatched contextual approach” to its programmatic buying platform.