NEWS15 July 2009

Compete probes impact of unclicked ads

Data analytics North America

US— Web measurement firm Compete has developed a new service designed to help advertisers and web publishers understand what people do online after seeing an advert.

The Ad Impact service looks at how ad exposure affects site visit and search behaviour, with results benchmarked against other campaigns and against competing publishers.

According to Stephen DiMarco, Compete’s chief marketing officer: “Identifying how exposure creates search activity or deeper brand engagement helps answer the quesion “What is the value of the 99.9% of advertising that does not get clicked on?”

To date the firm has analysed 75 campaigns. It says that empirical results show that online display ads drive an increase in brand search queries. One example given was for an unnamed blockbuster film, where exposure to the online campaign ad generated a 705% lift in site visits and an 85% rise in brand searching.

Compete is part of TNS Media and has upwards of two million US panelists through which it collects clickstream data to map online behaviours.