NEWS13 November 2009

Compete and Cannondale probe retail impact of online ads

Data analytics North America

US— Kantar companies Compete and Cannondale are fusing their respective datasets in an effort to understand how online activities and exposure to web advertising impacts on in-store purchase behaviour.

The initiative will see Compete’s data on the web surfing behaviour of two million US panellists combined with Cannondale’s ShopperGenetics database, which stores frequent shopper card data from 80 million households.

Kantar CEO Eric Salama (pictured) said: “Consumer recall and brand awareness measures can tell us a lot, but as digital ad budgets grow marketers need a more comprehensive view of the consumer behaviour.”

With the combined data, Kantar hopes to help marketers make “end-to-end connections” to demonstrate the return on investment of online strategies, and to more precisely quantify and analyse consumer purchase habits.

Salama added: “What this partnership does is extend our analysis across the entire consumer lifecycle to deliver a more complete – and insightful – picture of campaign performance and effectiveness.”