NEWS13 February 2015

CMNTY launches tailored community marketplace

Europe Technology

NETHERLANDS — Software company CMNTY has launched a community platform marketplace.

CMNTY Market allows researchers to build customised online communities, as well as offering control over which modules, widgets and analysis tools are required for a project.

CMNTY’s clients can also now co-develop new tools and methodologies to be added to the software suite, which can then be sold to other customers.

“Many of our clients have great ideas for the platform but don’t know how to get them out there. We now offer them a way of monetising these ideas,” said Alastair Macmillan, business director in the UK. “Using CMNTY Market, their methodologies will be made available to our customers and we will then split the revenue it generates through the sales on Market.”

CMNTY Market launched yesterday in a limited private beta for selected clients.