NEWS3 November 2009

CIMM to meet set-top box measurement specialists

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US— The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement has scheduled a meeting with five research agencies to discuss how to develop more innovative ways of measuring set-top box viewing data.

CIMM is due to meet with Nielsen, TNS, Rentrak, Tivo and TRA to discuss the coalition’s recent request for proposals process and how the companies would like to work with the group of advertisers, TV content providers and media agencies in the future.

The five firms will also be given more details on CIMM’s expectations and the chance to discuss any potential future joint projects with the coalition.

CIMM, which was launched in September with the aim of “promoting innovation in audience measurement”, said it recognised that “the development of new measurement systems poses significant challenges” and wants to work with the ratings industry to achieve its goals.

The coalition said it wants to move away from the “traditional RFP process of designating one ‘winner’ among multiple proposals across the industry” and instead develop a “collaborative relationship” with various data providers to identify and fund projects that meet its criteria.

Next up on CIMM’s agenda is a meeting with companies specialising in cross-platform video measurement, which it says it will address shortly.