NEWS12 June 2012

CIMM finds multi-screen consumers engaging with brands

North America

US— Consumers are increasingly using multiple screens to engage with brands while viewing television shows, according to research from the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM).

The results are contained in two white papers, produced in association with ComScore and Arbitron. The studies were commissioned last year.

In ComScore’s white paper, entitled How Multi-Screen Consumers Are Changing Media Dynamics, the agency explores a study of 10 broadcast network and cable brands covering a five-week period. It found that an average of 90% of consumers engaging with a given brand did so on TV, while 25% did so online and 12% via online video.

The study also found that the segments of multi-screen consumers showing the highest propensity to engage with these brands tended to correlate strongly with their key demographic targets, suggesting that engagement on other platforms represents an important extension of the audiences’ use and enjoyment of the media brands.

Meanwhile, Arbitron’s white paper, based on its cross-platform media measurement pilot, revealed that a significant share of TV viewers are using PCs and mobile devices as second and third screens to access video content.

In all, 91.7% of the panelists who viewed the TV/cable outlets of CIMM members used a second or third screen to access video sites and 35.5% used all three screens – TVs, PCs and Android/BlackBerry devices.

Jane Clarke, managing director, CIMM (pictured), said: “Through its pilot test, Arbitron has laid the essential groundwork necessary to build a scalable solution to multi-screen measurement. The media landscape is fragmenting at an ever-increasing rate, so having a measurement solution that traverses multiple screens is critical for everyone in the media ecosystem including brands, networks and advertisers.”

Separately from these initiatives, CIMM is funding another single-source study of multimedia usage – a US version of the UK-developed Touchpoints survey.

CIMM was formed in 2009 as a coalition of media owners, agencies and advertisers with the aim of “promoting innovation in audience measurement for television and cross-platform media”.