NEWS12 May 2010

CIMM publishes new set-top box data lexicon

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US— The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement has published a set of common terms for use in the analysis and processing of set-top box data for audience measurement.

CIMM announced that it was working on the new ‘language’, dubbed the CIMM Set-Top Box Lexicon, in January this year.

Jane Clarke (pictured), CIMM’s managing director, said: “Analysis of set-top box data remains in its formative stages, and getting to the next level in data collection, aggregation and measurement will require that everyone in the industry speaks the same language.

“With the the CIMM STB Lexicon, we’re providing a strong foundation for cross-industry collaboration around set-top box data as it becomes increasingly available.”

The Lexicon can be found online here, and covers terms and definitions for actions, business units, data types, ad and program formats, hardware, software and more.