NEWS12 June 2019

Chatbot research platform Stickybeak launches

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NEW ZEALAND – Stickybeak, a chatbot-based online research platform, has launched in beta in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and US.

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Founded by David Talbot, chief executive of New Zealand research company UMR, PR and advertising industry veteran David Brain, and business developers Brody Nelson and Kyle Hickey, the platform recruits participants using social media.

Stickybeak claims it can offer audience targeting of broadly nationally representative groups in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand, with more countries to be added. It aims to offer an alternative to traditional public opinion surveys and quantitative research methods.

The survey response interface features chatbot characters and animations. Access to the platform is available via a monthly subscription, with additional use priced separately. Users commissioning surveys can commit to either a fixed price or a fixed number of responses and will then be provided with pricing guidance that has been determined by the system.

David Talbot said: “Stickybeak recruits fresh survey respondents through social media. We are offering a service that can survey broadly nationally representative groups in four countries (the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand) and we’ll be adding more soon. Additionally, because Facebook and Instagram together have three billion users between them, Stickybeak can often target very specific niche groups, previously too difficult or expensive to reach.”