NEWS18 June 2018

Catalyx adds six tools to offer

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SWITZERLAND – Insight and innovation firm Catalyx has introduced six tools to deliver better insights for marketing teams as part of its growth strategy.

The tools can be used separately or blended together to help clients build better brands.

The six new capabilities are: Crowd which captures and processes numeric, rich text, discursive and visual data at speed and scale; Mission which captures behaviour through visuals and videos; Conversation allows a virtual in-home visit anywhere at any time; Eshopper is a controlled research environment that mimics stores to see in-store behaviour; PulseCheck records consumer opinion about creative stimuli; and Lab creates structured, high-energy virtual co-creation sessions to help transform insights into ideas and innovations.

Catalyx founder, Guy White, said: “When we started this company, we wanted to create an agency of the future that not only delivered research, but also provided just the right dose of marketing consultancy and expertise to drive decision-making.

“These new capabilities put Catalyx at that junction where the disciplines of market research, brand and management consultancy, and technology are converging. We wanted to produce something that is fun, interactive and intuitive for everyone.”