NEWS24 May 2024

Captify launches audience insights tool

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US – Search intelligence platform Captify has created a tool to allow brands to combine first-party audience data with search.

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The tool, called Search-a-Like Audiences, was previously available to clients in beta as Audience Amplifier and seeks to combines a brand’s first-party audience data with Captify’s onsite search data network.

Captify matches an advertiser’s audience data with its search data network to understand which topics and content are of most interest to that first-party audience, which can then be used to find similar consumers across different channels.

Advertisers can then measure the impact of their campaign against their specific key performance indicators.

Amelia Waddington, chief product officer at Captify, said: “As third-party cookies gradually get phased out, having a strong first-party dataset will become critical for advertisers.

“Our new audience amplification tool will enrich advertisers’ understanding of their first-party data by unlocking deeper insights and identifying new audiences for them, helping them maximise the possibilities of their own data assets and driving better campaign results.”