NEWS7 July 2017

CallMiner launches Eureka Starter Edition

B2B News UK

UK – Speech analytics business CallMiner  has added Eureka Starter Edition to its products, a full speech transaction and search tool for smaller contact centres and organisations wanting to do their own insight into customer interactions.

The product can be bought on a pay-as-you-go monthly subscription and Amazon Connect has been one of the first to sign up to it.

Eureka Starter transforms each call into a searchable text transcript with embedded links directly to the relevant call audio. The playback interface means managers can easily audit and navigate the call. Insights are fed through TopicMiner, which identifies conversation topics in graphical tag clouds.

Scott Kendrick, vice-president marketing at CallMiner, said: “There’s a substantial market opportunity for speech analytics within small call centres or larger organisations who aren’t ready to tackle enterprise level analytics. Our cloud-based speech analytics platform allows us to address this, while providing a simplified user experience and a no-risk pricing and billing model."

Separately CallMiner has collaborated with Amazon Connect on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It will allow businesses using Amazon Connect to gather insights from customer conversations.