NEWS4 March 2016

Business leaders failing to embed brand values

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UK – Two-thirds ( 67%) of marketers think their senior leadership teams aren't embedding brand values within an organisation, instead seeing brand as purely a communications concept.

But brand metrics are still not being used in many cases according to the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Brand Experience study of professional marketers.

Almost half ( 48%) said brand performance and brand-related metrics aren’t regularly discussed at the most senior levels of their organisation.

The issue of marketing not being represented at the top table remains – 48% said they don't have a marketing director or CMO on the executive committee and management board of their organisation.

Among the other findings of the survey were that  while 77% believe the senior teams have a high impact on delivering brand experience through customer experience only half ( 52%) believe these same teams have a strong understanding of their role in doing so.

However 65% of marketers believe that their senior leadership teams regard brand as a high priority for the entire company. 

Steve Woolley, head of external affairs at CIM, said: "It’s great that marketers tell us brand is a priority for their company, but dig deeper and this looks worryingly superficial.

"Many report not delivering consistently on brand promise, and that leaders within the business often don’t understand what brand means for their teams."

The research was conducted between 24 November and 17 December 2015. More than 2,000 marketing professionals from across the world completed elements of the survey, with 844 complete responses and 477 of these from UK marketing professionals.