NEWS18 July 2023

BrightLine launches CTV ad tool

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US – Connected television (CTV) advertising company BrightLine has released a tool to help overlay advertising within streaming platform content.


The tool, called Proteus Experience Engine, allows users to add advertising directly within content, such as films, shows or sports.

Rob Aksman, president and co-founder at BrightLine, said: “We recognise that ad revenue plays a crucial role in funding diverse and captivating programming, as creating exceptional content often requires substantial budgets.

“With Proteus XE, streamers now have innovative avenues to engage audiences through interactive and sponsorable enhancements.” 

Michael Bologna, chief accelerator at BrightLine, said: “By breaking free from the limitations of the traditional ad pod, we have a remarkable opportunity to help agencies and advertisers engage and cater to viewers in ways that align with their viewing preferences.

“The ability to allow viewers to engage with the content on screen or submit votes during reality and sports programming will revolutionise what’s possible for brands and networks.”