NEWS25 May 2023

Brandwatch adds Reddit communities to social insights service

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US – Social insights company Brandwatch has expanded the social panels tool within its research platform to include Reddit data.  

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The company’s social panels allow brands to track what specific groups of people are saying and monitor historical conversation to see how it has developed over time.

The Reddit social panels will take segmented audiences from the social media app’s communities and analyse conversation by an audience’s interests or generational preference.

Through the partnership, clients of Brandwatch will be able to surface insights to inform audience targeting, messaging and product strategies.

Brandwatch began offering Reddit data in 2017 and entered the official Reddit partner programme in January 2023.

Carrie Parker, chief marketing officer at Brandwatch, said the addition of Reddit would offer “a stellar network of communities grounded in mutual interests and passions” and “let brands access the depth-of-knowledge and expertise of Redditors”.