NEWS11 November 2015

BrainJuicer launches ‘system-1’ brand tracker

News UK

UK — BrainJuicer has launched BrainJuicer Brand Tracking, an approach designed to tap into quick, intuitive and emotional — or system-1 — decision-making processes.

The brand strategy and research agency’s rationale for the approach is based around the idea that profitable brand growth is dependent on becoming an automatic choice within a category. According to BrainJuicer, the likelihood of becoming one of these choices can be measured via three key factors: fame, feeling and fluency.

Fame is defined as how readily a brand comes to mind in the category; feeling is defined as how strongly people feel about a brand; and fluency is defined as how easily people recognise a brand.

These three measures are then combined to provide a star rating of the current strength of a brand.