NEWS18 July 2014

Binge-viewing can boost ad recall

News North America

US — Binge viewers are significantly more receptive to ads compared to non-bingers, according to new research.

21% of binge-viewers (defined as people who watch three or more episodes of the same TV show in one sitting) said they remembered the ads they see when binge-viewing more than those they see when watching in smaller doses. 20% said they often discuss ads with their friends and family, compared to 12% of non-binge-viewers, and 15% said they share ads via social media, compared to 7% of non-binge-viewers.

It was also found that while 58% of binge-viewers enjoy doing so because they don’t have to watch ads, and 57% believe that ads take away from the enjoyment of TV shows, nearly half ( 49%) agree that ads ‘come with the territory’ and 38% wouldn’t mind seeing ads while binge-viewing if it lowered their subscription rate.

The research, carried out by Annalect, was based on a survey of 1,307 US adults aged 18 and over.