NEWS28 January 2014

Bing and FOX partner on State of the Union poll

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US — Microsoft’s Bing search engine is partnering with FOX News to track real-time reactions to tonight’s State of the Union address.


Viewers are being asked to visit to share their opinion of President Barack Obama’s speech by voting in the Bing Pulse survey every five seconds.

As the speech progresses, Bing says viewers will have five choices to characterise how they are feeling about what they are hearing: strongly agree, somewhat agree, neutral, somewhat disagree and strongly disagree.

“The live count of the number of ‘pulses,’ or votes, becomes a line graph of how users react to the State of the Union,” the company says.

Survey takers will be asked to report their political party affiliation, allowing FOX to track the response of Republican voters in particular.



10 years ago

Obama can no longer lead with all his old worn out ideas, more & more govt't spending. He has no idea how to work with anybody.

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10 years ago

this another flamboyant speecg to appease his liberal chronies. did have very little substance, the obamacare program is a financial and complete disastew backed up by his lies and more lies, it's time congress started the rules of impeachment. before all is lost or he forces his verson of martial law, wake up america.

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