NEWS23 June 2023

Bilendi upgrades research platform with AI

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FRANCE – Market research business Bilendi & Respondi has released an artificial intelligence (AI) research platform.


The platform, called Bilendi Discuss, has been upgraded to incorporate ChatGPT and now features a multi-channel approach to gathering insights, particularly qualitative research.

Bilendi Discuss uses Bilendi Artificial Research Intelligence – developed in-house and using ChatGPT – to automate much of the analysis process, including summaries of research results and analysis of large volumes of diverse response types (text, images, audio and video) in 20 different languages.

Research can be conducted through participants’ preferred social messaging apps, such as WhatsApp or Messenger, or via the web portal, designed to resemble well-known social platforms.

Marc Bidou, chief executive and founder of Bilendi, said: “The launch of the new Bilendi Discuss platform is a perfect example of our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that help our clients to make informed strategic decisions. It allows researchers to work better, faster and deliver insights they could not deliver before.

“This platform will grow the overall market research business as our clients will be able to conduct more innovative research projects, especially combining qualitative and quantitative methodologies.”