NEWS12 January 2024

Bilendi & Respondi adds AI assistant to research platform

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FRANCE – Data collection business Bilendi & Respondi has added new features to its artificial intelligence (AI) supported multi-channel research platform Bilendi Discuss.

Marc Bidou

Bilendi Discuss allows research to be carried out either via social messaging apps or a web portal, and the latest additions will integrate the firm’s AI research assistant Bari (Bilendi Artificial Research Intelligence).

Bari uses in-house algorithms, proprietary AI and prompt engineering techniques for ChatGPT to create summaries and analyse large amounts of data.

The tool has also added professional automated moderation skills, whereby Bari analyses participant answers and prompts them for more details.

Researchers can switch between automatic or semi-automatic moderation, which allows the researcher to validate questions before sending them to participants.

Marc Bidou (pictured), chief executive and founder at Bilendi, said: “Our AI, Bari, has become a key feature of Bilendi Discuss. Bari has been developed to make the work of researchers easier, acting as a real assistant to them. First by providing reliable summaries and analysis and now also by autonomously moderating qualitative projects.

“For us, reliable, professional and comprehensive results are always essential principles when developing new AI features – and there are more to come.”