NEWS26 June 2018

Big Sofa launches Video Observer

Data analytics News UK

UK – Video tech business Big Sofa has created automated technology to analyse in-home and in-store behaviour called Video Observer.

Video Observer uses a hybrid AI approach to turn unstructured behaviours into quantifiable visual data.

It streamlines multiple parts of video-led work-flows to improve speed and cost effectiveness by up to ten times. This is achieved with remote fixed and wearable cameras. Faces and personal data are obfuscated to meet required restrictions as the unstructured video content is turned into quantifiable data.

It allows people’s lives to be observed over weeks and months and access to living rooms, kitchens, stores and lives anywhere in the world in near real time.

Big Sofa’s chief technical officer Hugh Reid said: “We realised that video capture in real world environments was cumbersome, both from a practical and a compliance point of view. The key was to simplify the whole process by creating a camera kit to facilitate a stream of video/audio/image/data file uploads direct from the camera or SD card into our dedicated storage platform using secure connections, without exposing those cameras to the public internet.”