NEWS30 January 2023

Behaviorally develops qual offer

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US – Behavioural insights consultancy Behaviorally has launched a set of qualitative products for the packaging design process.

sheryl brie

The ‘PackPath’ toolkit offers insights from Behaviorally’s behavioural pack design database and incorporates the company’s artificial intelligence-based score, used to predict the success of pack designs.

The set includes three steps covering the pack design process: understanding the current category and competition; testing designs; and bringing final design options into the category to understand how they perform in a shopping scenario.

Researchers can use ‘PackPath’ to conduct qual either in-person, at the company’s research facilities, online or in the metaverse. 

Sheryl Brie, vice-president and head of behavioural qualitative, Behaviorally (pictured), said the process “combines proven, tried-and-true methods with the latest innovations”. 

Brie added: “By incorporating our industry standard PackPower Score into qualitative work, we can guide our clients towards success with confidence and ease.”