NEWS27 July 2015

BARB to debut online viewing report in September

News UK

UK — BARB (the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board) has announced that the beta version of its TV Player Report will be released in September.


The TV Player Report is the first set of BARB data to focus on viewing on computer devices like laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. It reports on viewing at a device level, rather than at a person level, and relies on data generated from software code developed by Kantar Media and implemented by broadcasters.

According to the announcement, this data will be an important building block for the delivery of hybrid measurement system Project Dovetail. Project Dovetail uses panel data and census-based site-centric data to deliver cross-platform reporting.

“We’re excited to be introducing our customers to the TV Player Report,” said Justin Sampson, chief executive at Barb. “It’s a significant innovation from BARB and the result of close collaboration with broadcasters. At its heart is the generation of a census-level dataset that will provide our customers with a gold standard measure of online TV viewing.”