NEWS22 March 2016

BARB launches quarterly TV trends report

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UK — Viewing figures provider BARB has announced the launch of the UK Television Landscape Report, a quarterly review of population trends and changes in how people can watch TV.

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The new report will explore insights emerging from the Establishment Survey, BARB’s on-going research into the rate of change in how people can choose to watch television, based on 53,000 individual interviews each year. 

The first report features three articles: whether subscription video on demand services such as Netflix are taking over; the impact of the availability of different media platforms on viewing behaviour; and what types of households are more or less likely to own a TV.

The report will also include an increasing number of TV landscape trackers. The first to be launched will look at the adoption rates for devices that can be used to watch television and the number of TV sets per household. 

“Television, as a cultural and commercial phenomenon, has remained a focus of interest and conversation for over 50 years," said Justin Sampson, chief executive of BARB. "This is as true today as it has ever been, with advances in technology shaping the way broadcasters distribute their content and how viewers watch their favourite programmes.

"Our new quarterly report shines a light on how quickly people are adopting these new services and technologies.”